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Minutes of PTO Meeting, Jan, 2011

JANUARY 20, 2011
1. Call to Order. Vice President Haschak called the meeting to order at 6:17 pm.
2. Minutes of the meeting of December 9, 2011 were approved.
The boys expressed the hope everyone had a good winter break. After break, the first two weeks have been smooth, cheerful, peaceful and wonderful. Clubs have started up again.
Basketball started up as well. The first game for the elementary and junior high went well – they won. The high school lost. Everyone is welcome to come to games which are at Coyote Valley gym. Finals are coming up, hoping everyone will do well.
Presentation by Megan (Senior) and Mai (Senior). A. Megan is President of the Model
UN Club which is going to a conference at UC Berkeley, an annual event, March 4-6. Megan is hoping to re-establish the Mendocino County Model UN club which has not been active for 6 years. Our club is planning on holding a model UN workshop (in February) and conference (in April) here, and is working with other highschools to prepare. B. The solar shutters finally here and work is being done to install them in girls school. C. Last week we had a half day. The girls school had a silent reading session for 2 hours and met afterward to share experiences of books read. D. High school exchange – 3 students went to Ukiah High. The visit of 3 Ukiah High students to our school has to be rescheduled. E. Chinese New Year is Feb 3. Will be celebrating in school on the 4th. The high school is having in school celebration and the girls will
visit elders home, sing songs, have treats, etc. F. The basketball team lost first game, but were close. Everyone is welcome to come to games. G. Newest project GOOD GIRLS GO GREEN
– they want to print tshirts supporting green peace or anything similar . A student in Berkeley has a club that makes the t-shirts (shirts from subsaharan Africa, organic). They can print 3 colors for less than $10. They will sell in girls school and profits will go to program which helps college students with loans for studying, and/or help for Mexico Trip. H. Involved in Seaman – a challenge to high school students to come up with solution for an energy problem. They have considered Project CART – painting shopping carts bright color (to mark as part of program) and have for use away from store so people can walk groceries home without using bags. Surveyed people at store, most liked idea but stated they live too far away from store to walk – may not be workable in our area. I. Seniors have finished college applications and are waiting to hear back.
J. Hoping to have huge community service program. K. November adopt a highway with the Dominican College – 4 hours of cleanup. Other projects reviewed have issues of being too time consuming, far away, or training required. L. During Guan Yin Session the Seniors will take time off from school to attend sessions from 4am to 10pm the entire week of Guan Yin Session.
Parents suggested coming up with a walking meditation teaching program as both a green project and/or a community service program. The girls will review that possibility.
Laura Furlong, Third Grade core teacher, grades 4-6 writing; PE and track club. The
high school has been accepted into North Coast Section as Non League Affiliate (the girls can have track team that compete in meets in area, but don’t need to go to all meets everywhere – which would be prohibitive). Has tentative schedule – girls could compete in 4 meets. 2 Cloverdale, 2 Willits. Will need some equipment for practice/training. We have a long pit jump, and a makeshift high jump. The Girls School will purchase 1 practice hurdle, Ms. Furlong will donate 1 or 2. Requesting PTO to donate 1 as well so have a total of 4, the minimum to properly train. With shipping cost is about $80-85. Also can rent track facility at Mendocino College – $30 for first hour, $2 each additional hour. Their staff will put out equipment, etc and put away (regulation equipment).
Treasurer Zhao Qiu stated there is room in budget under Clubs and Sports and reminded us we are already in the second semester. Eric Crawford moved that PTO allocate $90 from Sports budget for purchase of hurdle, Jennifer O’Brien seconded. Motion approved.
A discussion was then held regarding renting the college track, sharing with boys, etc.
Jennifer O’Brien moved add approval of one track rental, Eric Crawford seconded. Motion approved. Ms. Furlong will talk with Boys school to coordinate if they want to share time.
6. Treasurers report.
End of December we had $150 income (PTO dues). Spent $300 for girls school fence.
The other big expenditure was the Teacher Appreciation end of year gifts. We spent a bit more than anticipated because of miscounts – missed 3 girls school volunteers and 4 Boys school volunteers . Total $2,140. The Projected income for the year is $5,250, we had a large donation from a family and have already hit $5,240. Should get another $1,000 in PTO dues (Installment tuition payers have not paid all dues yet). Will have more accurate number by next year. A reminder to the principals that no one has used the teachers medical fund, make sure PTO advised if need arises.
Mr. Bostick moved to commend Zhao Qiu for taking it upon herself to do right thing in taking initiative to spend extra for miscounted volunteers and moved to change the budget to reflect actual cost. Jennifer O’Brien seconded. Motion approved.


Jennifer O’Brien reminded everyone about signing up for escrip which can be done online.
Zhao Qiu discussed organizing a Teacher Appreciation banquet. Discussion held. Decided to hold banquet after school is out on February 4 as it is a fortuitous time for such an event. Zhao Qiu proposed an expenditure of $200 for teacher banquet to purchase a main dish, and recruit cooks for pot luck for additional dishes. Banquet to be primarily for teachers, not entire school.
Mr. Bostick seconded the expenditure request. Motion approved.
Zhao Qiu, Jennifer O’Brien and Vivi Phi to volunteer to help coordinate.


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