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December 9, 2010

President Yepez called the meeting to order at 6:12 pm
Approval of Agenda – –
Approval of Minutes of November 11, 2010.
Girls School Presentation
Raised enough money for solar shutters which they will be ordering tomorrow morning $860.
People in charge of the building were concerned with electrical issues, but reviewed and it is fine. Note to check projects with them in future.
Exchange program with Ukiah High started, last week they contacted President of Ukiah High ASB and exchange will start in January.
No winter potluck this year Students will go to small dining hall instead on Wednesday for lunch period, only students. Elementary girls will sing songs for entertainment. . Christine has contacted students in Hawaii, re sister school project, but the student she needs to discuss it with has not been there. Melissa made a trip to Africa as volunteer, she made a presentation which was very moving, had slide shows. She was very inspirational she went on a program set up by
Buddhist monk to help Mali orphans Flor Haschak and Unica Yepez made a presentation on 7th/8th grade studies. Science – physics, Newtons laws, density and bouancy. In english – finished reading TheTempest, Shakespeare’s last play. Watched movie Christmas Carol. Have been doing Eqs. for book reading – the Kite Rider about someone who lives in China and rides kites. Read a Chrismas Carol as well by
Charles Dickens. Enjoy Chinese, especially artistic activities. In virtue studies are learning eight virtues: Trustworhty, fair, loyal, good citizen, respectful and kind. After lunch – physical/pe – help in kitchen, clean dining hall.
Alicia reported that upper grades would be interested in a PTO trip for 1 day overnight about 20- 25 people. They will check with elementary school for younger kids’ interest
Budget Not much change – – $100 moved from reserve to teacher gifts, budget $100 more. Teacher Appreciation – used to give teacher’s choice out of types of cards, but now just giving Ukiah Coop gift card to simplify.
There is $140 more received in PTO dues
No other expenses

Teacher Appreciation
Cards have been in each school last couple of days. They are here on table today – sign on your way out. They will go back to the schools until the gift cards are ready. Asked Barbara ____________ for poem (had not heard from anyone) She brought two versions next day – – one for Buddhists, one for volunteers. Barbara read the poems which were very moving. Please decorate cards this evening with stickers.
Next Wednesday potluck at boys school Girls School Wednesday luncheon at dining hall – Brian will go as a representative of PTO at event, he will be only one as the event is limited.

Boys school Presentation
Presented by Brian Yepez as the boys could not be here
Great thanksgiving break. No banquet but will have a winter break potluck, parents are welcome 10:50am – – dining hall
A request made for a Santa, however, that has been arranged (Mr Peterman)
Benjamin’s mother – donated water dispenser for weight room, the Boys are very happy and thankful with that Merry Christmas, happy new year Old Business
Heng Jiao Shr -sent a letter to PTO. After the last meeting the heater was not turned off, food, papers supplies, etc. was everywhere. It was VERY messy and Students had to help clean up afterwards on their day off. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CLEAN UP. Brian Yepex suggested we designate a person to stay after to make certain cleaned up and turned off. He volunteered to do so this meeting. A request was made to convey apologies.
Box Tops – once got $40 – – is anyone interested in collecting box tops, turning in and getting
funds. Someone will need to Need to contact program – – get account number and figure out how to turn in. Brian Yepez volunteered to look into it on Dec 15 and will try and figure out.
Also have Shares cards – Food Maxx, Lucky and Savemart.
BOX TOPS money goes to PTO, Shares to School. Funds come quarterly – last quarter was less than usual If forget to use card, can go online, enter card number and receipt number and still get credit.
Jennifer volunteered to look into escrip at Safeway
Jin Rou Shr is gathering info for newsletter which will be put on website. A request for a translator for overseas parents. A list of donations for newsletter requested. The Sherwood Tribe $250, verbally committed have not cut check yet. Will send newsletter by email, put on website. Only a few hard copies available in office. Trying to stay green. Also a request that bulk emails go out by bcc, not cc, so addresses not shared with all.
Fence for Girls School. Jin Rou Shr talked to Home Depot and put together estimate. School has some funds. Home Depot will help but must review. Fence to be from Stairway on one side of school to other side, gate for handicapped, but will keep closed. Wood fence. A request for donation made. Zhao Pegan moved to donate $300 foro fence, from School supplies and special projects (leaves -$30 on girls side). Jennifer O’Brien seconds. If need arises later can reallocate funds. Mr. Bostick says boys will support, don’t need to take it from “girls side” Heng Yin Shr thanked and announced parents who are volunteering at school:
Coreen ________ and Barbara _______ teaching world religions; Alicia Yepez is teaching Spanish; Mr. Yepez _________________; Mr Setera makes building repairs very promptly; and Heather ______________ ?????
Honoring Elders Day was wonderful Girls School went on a field trip to the SF Academy of Sciencewhich was very educational and wonderful.
Jin Rou Shr lead everyone in a game of spoon and fork – everyone had a great time and laughed a lt. It was very helpful in community building and communication skills

Next meeting scheduled for January 20 at 6pm
Meeting adjourned 7:28 – – clean up, sign cards

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