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November 11, 2010
Call to Order President Yepez called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm. President Yepez thanked John Haschak for stepping in for the last meeting.

Review Agenda/Approval of Minutes
Mr. Setera had a questions regarding the allocation of the funds received from the Tribe and the costs of basketballs. It was mentioned that Big 5 gives a discount if you tell them they are for a school. The minutes of the meeting of October 14, 2010 were approved

Budget Report
Treasurer Zhao Pegan reported that the PTO has collected more money since the last meeting, more families have paid their dues. For families making monthly payments for tuition, money will be received later. $40 was paid to O’Haru for PTO food (PTO was only charged for half, the other half was donated). The budget report has a mistake which say $2,100 was paid for girls school, actually $21.60 was paid. The liability insurance was paid and expenditure allocated proportionally to boys and girls school budgets. The treasurer questions where the approved addition of $100 to the teacher appreciation budget should come from – reserves or other budget items. Discussion was held regarding maintain reserves and not making withdrawals from it too
often. President Yepez to pull the $100 from reserve for budget with caveat that we will not do so often. Jennifer O’Brien seconded the motion, it was resolved and approved to use reserves for the $100 addition to the teacher appreciation budget approved October 14, 2010.
Janice Haschak who has been providing child care at PTO meetings declined payment for such care. A discussion was held (there is $100 budgeted for childcare – $10 per meeting, 10 meetings per year). Julie Golden moved to leave $100 in child care in case it is ever needed and avoiding need to take from reserve. Motion approved.
A thank you to Mr. Bai for providing dumplings.

Boys School report
The boys apologized for not informing PTO about their Halloween party at last month’s meeting.
It was very successful despite late planning and they want to do it again next year. The Boys
thanked _________________ for their donation for the party.
The weight lifting class would like to get a water dispenser inside classroom (ideally both warm and cold water, but they will take what they can get) and a stationary bike. The Boys are preparing for Honoring Elders Day. They will do the Dragon dance and Taiko drumming, however there will be no Lion dance. They would like to try and organize something for. Thanksgiving, something where everyone can relax, gather around on the Wednesday before during school. A parent asked whether it would be just for students or for parents and student.
Parents are always welcome. A notice iwll be sent to parents. Not a party, a gathering. If they decide on a potluck, they will send a notice to parents.
A discussion was then held regarding food issues -having quiet during meals, what sorts of foods are best nutritionally, seasonal eating. It was decided that a committee will be formed to look in detail at food issues, in conjunction with kitchen staff. Anyone interested should contact Heather ___________. The committee might do a parent education/workshop on what is best for the students.
A discussion was held regarding what beds were being used by dorm students. The Boys reported that dorm students have new beds and the bed situation is fine.

Teacher Appreciation
Zhao Pegan reported that she didn’t bring the Boys School cards today. She requested parents to stay after meeting to sign Girls School cards. The next meeting will be the last opportunity to sign cards. A discussion was held about either leaving cards in the respective offices for a week for signing or setting up a special day for signing. Zhao Pegan will be available for signing on Tuesday, Dec 7,6pm. She also requested help for ideas for poem or something to put in the cards. If anyone has any input, please, send to her Email:
A discussion was held about the annual winter banquet. Last year no funding was needed for banquet. Heng Yin Shr said it has not yet been planned. A request that all PTO Officers attend banquet to present gifts to teachers. However, Heng Yin Shr reported that as the schools have grown a banquet with all the parents is too cumbersome. It is requested that the parents take an initiative in organizing and putting together an event for teachers where they do not have to do any work. If we do such a thing, it can be done in January, and proposals should be made at the next meeting.

Field Trip
Vivi Phi volunteered to organize for Boys school
Jennifer O’Brien reported that no one has expressed interest in organizing trip for Girls. It will be an Agenda item for next meeting. It was requested that the ASB do a survey to set if there is student interest in a trip, and whether they would want a 1 day or 2 day trip.

Girls School.
The girls recently had a Halloween party which was a lot of fun. They had a costume contest. Last Monday was a talent show. A couple of students sang, it was also a lot of fun. Last Friday was spirit day. The girls went to theschool soccer field and cheered and they all wore blue and yellow.
The girls have been working on a Uganda project to sponsor two girls getting an education in Uganda. They raised $1,400 this semester by writing letters and other activities and getting some big donations. The girls have raised $740 for the Solar shutter. They received a generous anonymous $600 donation from a teacher and a parent. The need another $140. When they spoke with the company the price of the shutter is actually $2000 and the company will donate $1,200. The shutter produces 150 watts per hour in full sun. It will pay for itself in about 15 years. Mr. Setera inquired about installation. It is hung on the window with 4 screws upstairs
facing sun. Christine sold all her green products. She will be ordering more this week. Ove the next few weeks the girls are focusing on Honoring Elders.
Monique who is in second grade made a presentation. She showed a pumpkin book. Everyone made a book in class and they have been writing about it for a few days. It was passed around.
In science they have been drawing flowers. Ms. Furlong, the core teacher, will bring in plants, and they will write poems, etc. to learn science and writing at same time. They make a calendar every month, everyone in class makes two squares in the theme for the month. October, halloween, pumpkin pie, etc. In Math, they each have books with division, multiplication, etc.
They get prizes for passing multiplication.
A question was asked whether the girls school will be making any cards, gifts, etc for holidays, for fund raising. It will be discussed with Ms Furlong.

New Business/Open
[Kristin??] discussed the no driving zone at Boys School. It was explained that because the dorm students are crossing all day long, it is blocked for their safety.
Also, there is a project to work on signage around school. A big part of that will involve traffic issues. For instance, many newcomers don’t know that traffic coming into school grounds has the right of way, and outgoing traffic is to yield. Also working on issues concerning safety and a method to identify cars coming into property – – i.e., students/families versus visitors, and lighting (old wiring cannot be used, so this will be a big project).

Next Meeting.
December 9 – – 6pm.
Adjourn 7:27 pm

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