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October 14, 2010
Call the Meeting to order. President Yepez absent. Treasurer Zhao Qui called meeting to order
at 6:23 pm
Nomination of Vice President.
Jennifer O’Brien nominated John Haschak
Zhao Qui nominated Lenora _________, who declined
A vote was held and John Haschak was unanimously voted in as Vice President.
The Minutes of the Meeting of September 16, 2010 were approved. The Agenda was approved.
Vice President John Haschak took charge of the meeting.
Progress Reports and Discussion
1. Budget/Financial Report
Treasurer Zhao Qui reported that there was no spending for first month.
The budget was divided between the boys and girls divisions on a pro rata basis by
number of students.
The Sherwood Indian Tribe donated $250 and half goes to each school for sports.
Mr.andMrs. Yepez bought boys school basketballs and would like reimbursement. Jennifer
O’Brien mentioned that the girls school basketball team needs new balls and practice jerseys.
Donation could be used towards that.
2. Committee Recruitment. Discussion was held regarding volunteers for various
committees and fact that committee persons could/would seek help.
a. Fundraising – Lenora ____________ volunteered. Fundraising person will help
come up with fundraising ideas that are in conformity with school rules and
b. Volunteer Coordinator. This person keeps track of volunteer hours of
c. Field Trip Coordinators (2)
Vivi _______ for Boys School field trip
Jennifer O’Brien mentioned that the Field-Arenas family had previously
mentioned possibly helping with Girls School trip and she would check with
d. Transportation. Someone who makes certain there is transport to school events,
field trips, etc.
Boys – Usually the teachers do it and they have enough parent volunteers
on a case-by-case basis
Girls – Usually figure out on a case-by-case basis.
There is probably not a need for a regular position for this.
e. PTO Meeting food – thank you to James __________ , owner of Oharu – WHO
made two trays for price of one for the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to bring
own plates and utensils so we keep trash down
f. Teacher Appreciation. Organize events for Teacher Appreciation (Christmas,
banquet) and gifts/cards for Teachers.
f. School Improvement
3. Boys School Presentation
Senior Junior Retreat – Sat/Sun ___________________ house. Only activity for
upcoming month
4. Girls School Presentation
The girls found out about Solar Shutters. In connection with their going green efforts the girls want to raise money for solar panels. Raised $130 so far, will be approximately $600 to hang in window girls school on the south side. It produces energy right away which goes into outlet and runs through building. Lifespan is 7 to 8 years. Will replace. Parents asked what are the watts per hour and how much savings there would be after installation. Girls said they would research further.
Christine sold all her green products last month and has made order forms which will be available to everyone.
The Halloween party is October 29, 5pm to 7pm.
November 5 is Spirit day. During p.e. class they will have a rally for school with cheers,
October 15 – a leadership retreat done by alumni at 2pm for Juniors and Seniors. This
happens every year, to help with leadership skills, bonding, knowing yourself, etc.
On October 10 at the Saturday Afternoon Club was a green event. 20 students walked
from school to SAC and back as no cars were to be used to get to event.
Three Elementary Girls did a Presentation on what they have been learning. They did a
presentation of science/biology they have been doing. The presentation was on the five senses –
they had layered models of eye, mouth, ear, which showed various parts that make them up.
There was recently a field trip to tide pools at which they had a good time
They are learning Latin and Greek root words, they gave some samples. Many
everyday words come from those roots.
5. Teacher Appreciation
Zhao Qiu made presentation. In the past we have been purchasing Coop gift cards of $20
each. Boys school has 38 teachers, Girls school has 37 – 75 total. Does not include lunch prep
staff. Probably about 80. = $1,600. We budgeted $1,500. Has cards wants to start getting
signed after the meeting.
Jennifer OBrien moved to have $100 added to the budget for Teachers Appreciation0,
Lenore ________ seconded. Unanimously Passed.
1. School Field Trips
Alicia Yepez discussed need to get going on moving on field trips. Alicia happy to work
with Boys trip.
Zhao Qui reported that the cost last year was $25 for 2 days. Raising to $50 for boys
school for a two day trip.
A discussion was held regarding whether or not trips should be one or two days. Last
year girls had issues with availability at that time of year and need to return to dorm. Suggested
that it can be done differently for each school.
2. New Business
Alicia Yepez reported that Brian Yepez drafted a form letter to solicit donations to
school. He also drafted a letter to the Sherwood Tribe to thank it for the generous donation. He
will approach couple tribes.
She also presented a Banner created/donated for the rummage sale which will work for
future years. Shokawah Casino made the banner for the school. She mentioned that we should
start organizing a sale for this year now and have it before the field trips.
______________ Teacher – projects. Two tons of sand was donated by Granite (on
Talmage) – it was used for Girls School sand boxes. We could also get some for boys school if
A pottery shop in town will donate clay to schools and when used will fire it for us.
Once clay is used, they will replace it with more.
Would like fencing for girls school. There are more visitors walking around and want
more safety for girls as they are near entrance where visitors are. Do not like tall chain link,
would like 4 foot picket fence like exists around playground. Will start right by road, will fix
later, estimated cost $1,700 (posts expensive). Will post a letter to Home Depot as they make
school donations of supplies often. Mr. Bostick reported that Home Depot donated lumber for
deck between dorms, and all they wanted was a certificate of appreciation to hang up.
Girls school is also seeking someone who can sew to make meditation mats for girls.
Mats made with cotton batting to keep floor warm in winter. Need 17 for elementary and 20 for
high school. ___________ can help.
Discussion was held regarding scheduling of next Meeting.
Thursday, November 11. 6:15 pm
Meeting Adjourned 7:16 pm

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