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PTO Meeting Minutes, Sep, 2010

September 2010
Call to Order. 6:10 pm
Self Introductions (around the room), Welcome.
Approval of Agenda, Minutes
Budget. Zhao Qiu went over School Budget for parents’ information, and then she reviewed the
proposed PTO budget. Review and comments. Jennifer O’Brien moved to approve the proposed
Budget, Brian Yepez seconded. A note that an addition for food and child care for PTO meetings, rather
than chipping in each meeting ($50/mtg).
Boys School Presentation
Mr. Bostick reported they had a “knock out” picnic at Todd Grove. The Moon Festival is
celebrated on Friday 24th of Sept (Moon Day actually the 22nd). Confucius Day – 28th Sept. Boys School
will host teachers in the morning.
Girls School
ASB Goals: A student exchange program with Ukiah High School for a day; get a sister school – a
Buddhist school in Hawaii; Go Green – selling green products – contact Christine if want to purchase,
will give order forms to PTO, ordering wholesale, no profit or fundraising, strictly for purpose of going
green; Teacher’s Day – make a video pretending to be teacher; If can raise money want to go to Mexico
again (Community Service/High School); Berkeley – one day on Oct 30 for a day trip, 4 people have ride.
Need rides for 14 more people trip is a workshop for Modeling UN conference. Call Girls School HS
Office/Alisha/Megan; the Elementary teachers stated that later on next semester 2d/3d grade field trip to
Wells Fargo Ctr, will need drivers. Track club needs hurdles.
The ASB had a Welcome back party – – junior high/high school. There were games, etc overnight. Oct
10 at the Saturday Afternoon Club a meeting promoting environmental issues. Organizing a walk there
(no cars to event). Meet at girls school 9am.
HURDLES – reaching out to Ukiah High School and College – looking for support and equipment, will
follow up.
Field Trips, Teacher Appreciation, people to facilitate activities.
Girls School PTO trip. Ideas for trips/places – next meeting
Boys Trip – Alicia Yepez paid guides (2) and has not been reimbursed. Fundraiser for rummage – $122.
They paid $200 to guides and propose to keep the $122 in exchange.
Nominations for Vice President – – run at least 1, possibly 2 meetings.
New Business
A discussion regarding possible exchange between dorm/home students. Determined not feasible.
Meetings – a discussion regard days and times was held. 6pm ok. Thursdays are ok
NEXT MEETING Oct 14 at 6:00 pm
Snacks for meeting – not set up. Childcare – an adult is needed. Janice Haschack volunteered.
Thank you to Mrs. Gan for the food for the first meeting.
Group Photo for yearbook after meeting.

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