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  • Friday January 30: Teachers Work Day / Half Day
  • Monday February 16: Presidents’ Day / No School
  • Thursday February 19: Chinese New Year (in school celebration)


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A “Selfless” Un-ordinary Halloween

Student Reporter: Kusali Kandhasari, Class of 2018

Food, a haunted house, a costume contest, and games! The whole event, with the food as the main attraction, was excellent. Each club had their own table to sell food to raise funds for various non-profit organizations including Buddhist Global Relief, Canada Cancer Society, Alliance for Climate Education, and others. The goodies that were sold consisted of: French fries, dumplings, cookies, noodles, curry rice, pizza bites, and the drinks that included ginger ale and the usual DVGS favorite—milk tea.


The Spirit of Dragon Girls

Student Reporter: Alexis Yap, Class of 2017

It was finally time for the girls of Developing Virtue Secondary Girls Division to showcase their energetic edge in the school's annual Spirit Day! Do not underestimate the girl schoolers; though they often portray graceful manners, they manifest a spirit unlike no other. On the Spirit Day, also known as Sports Day, students engaged in games aimed to enhance teamwork. Due to drizzly weather, the games were held in the CTTB's very own IITBT.


Walk to Feed the Hungry

Student Reporter: Denise Cao, Class of 2018

It was a warm Saturday afternoon on October 4, 2014. Joining Buddhist Global Relief (BGR), an organization whose goal was to raise money for the poor and hungry throughout the world, up to 50 people united on this day to attend the 3.5-mile walk around San Francisco downtown. Though people came from different places, every single person joined the walk the same purpose in his/her mind: to raise awareness of chronic hunger around the world and with every step to alleviate that problem. With that goal in our minds, we stepped out of the temple and began our journey.


A Gingerbread Girls’ Christmas

Student Reporter: Lisa Tran, Class of 2015

The Girls’ division Christmas banquet was held in IITBT behind the girls’ dorm, hosted by the junior class. The event was graced with students’ performances that were framed around an adaptation skit of the classic Gingerbread Man by the juniors.


Youth Summer Camp 2015 (June 14 to June 26 )

Cherishing Traditions: The Six Guiding Principles

Location: City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
June 14th - 26th 

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The founder of the City of 10,000 Buddhas established Six Guiding Principles as the foundation for being a good citizen who benefits and serves others in society. These six are as follows: not contending, not being greedy, not seeking, not being selfish, not pursuing personal advantage, and not lying. Looking at these virtues in a positive way they include: compassion, generosity, contentment, altruism, and honesty.

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Boys School Leadership Retreat Report

By Michael Lu 11/24/2014

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the Venerable Master, all Dharma Masters, and all good knowing advisors; Amitabha! My name is Michael, and I am a senior at Developing Virtue Boys’ School. Tonight is my turn to tie Dharma affinities with everyone. If I say anything incorrectly, please compassionately correct me.

When I first heard about this leadership retreat, I didn’t have very high expectations because I didn’t think I could learn that much about leadership in such a short time. Also, when we got on the van and were going to Fort Bragg (which was where we were staying), the road was very windy, and some of us got carsick. Thus, as soon as I got there, I didn’t feel well.


Elders, youth praised in Ukiah

Speaker urges: 'Be young in your old age'

Ukiah Daily Journal 11/15/2014

On a day set aside for honoring those who have lived quite a few years, at the City of 10,000 Buddhas in Talmage Saturday, it was also noted that we should never underestimate the value of youth.

"Elders are the world's most honorable people, but they also bear great responsibility," said 5th District Mendocino County Supervisor Dan Hamburg, quoting the words of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, who founded the city, at the annual Honoring Elders Day. "People should have youth in old age; as one grows older, they should also grow younger," as difficult as that may be to accomplish.


Upper Russian River Clean-Up Day

by the Boys Division DVAC

The Senior High boys make no secret of their ambition. “We want to give back to the community,” says Ted Yap, secretary of the new Developing Virtue Action Club (DVAC), on his way to the Upper Russian River Clean-Up, which happened last Saturday, the 27th of September. Officially, the club started earlier, but did not have the opportunity to hold a meeting until a week before the river clean-up.


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